Help your employees find their happy

Empower your people through improved mental health, resilience, and well-being with a holistic mental health mobile game. Support them through difficult times with a proven, safe, and fun self-healing experience that connects generations.

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Bring Sinasprite to your workplace

A 2020 CDC survey found that “41% of respondents are
struggling with mental health issues stemming from the pandemic.”

Why Choose Sinasprite for your business

Clinical Validation

Peer-reviewed evidence that usage translates into higher productivity and workplace participation during challenging times.

Family-friendly Experience

A holistic approach that appeals to multi-generations that introduces a range of evidenced-based skills.

Organizational Reporting

Unique data to help with plan design and deliver more customized programming and content throughout the year.

Reduce Employee Feelings of Isolation

Multi-player experiences that help make meaningful connections worldwide.

Why employees love Sinasprite

Learn effective coping skills

Manage anxiety, depression, substance abuse.

Helps them achieve calm.

Explore emotions



Winner of +25 Global Health Awards

Bring Sinasprite to your company

Help your employees find their happy.
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Download Sinasprite and
start on your journey today

Download Sinasprite and start on your journey today